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Residential Duct & Furnace Cleaning
1 Furnace Included
10 Vents Included
Additional Furnace $59
Multi-Point Inspection
FREE Standard Size Furnace Filter
Furnace and Duct Cleaning
Additional vents $10 each. High-Eff/AC bypass fee $40. All vents must be cleaned.

Terms and Conditions:

Minimum service call is $119. Some restrictions apply. Call for more details.

Main Exhaust Chimney Cleaning

To work properly, a furnace needs adequate airflow. If your furnace is having problems with starting, or seems to be trying to start but doesn't, blocked airflow from the intake pipe is a common culprit. Even if you aren't having trouble with your furnace, it's a good idea to check your intake before it gets cold and a few times during the winter for the sake of safety and efficiency. While snow and ice are the typical causes for blocked air intake, other causes are more likely for mild climates.

Combustion air is necessary for burning fuel such as gas, oil and wood. For a furnace to work properly, it must have an adequate supply of combustion air. The fire triangle calls for fuel, oxygen and an ignition source to have successful combustion. Our focus is on gas furnaces that are obtaining combustion air from inside the home. These would include natural draft and induced draft furnaces. For simplicity, we will use the example of a conventional gas furnace.


The implications of inadequate air are significant. The incomplete combustion process will generate carbon monoxide (the poisonous gas). Further, the lack of dilution air is likely to result in backdraft. This means that combustion products can’t go up the chimney but are dumped back into the room, which is under low pressure (since it’s starved for air, because we’ve pulled all the air into the furnace for the combustion and dilution process). Some people call backdrafting spillage.

Ultimately, cleaning the ducts of your HVAC system is not a do-it-yourself project. It's NOT to late and it's certainly not a job for a cheap guy with an air compressor in a minivan, either. A thorough cleaning can only be performed by using industry-standard equipment designed to handle the size and volume of all kinds of homes. That's why you can trust the trained professionals of Revive Furnace Cleaning Ltd.

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