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Residential Duct & Furnace Cleaning
1 Furnace Included
10 Vents Included
Additional Furnace $59
Multi-Point Inspection
FREE Standard Size Furnace Filter
Furnace and Duct Cleaning
Additional vents $10 each. High-Eff/AC bypass fee $40. All vents must be cleaned.

Terms and Conditions:

Minimum service call is $119. Some restrictions apply. Call for more details.

Humidifier Installation


Dry air is a major cause of respiratory problems and increased allergy symptoms for many people, especially in the winter. Dry air in your home can draw moisture out of porous materials like wood, including furniture, woodwork, wood floors, pianos and other musical instruments. It also makes the air temperature feel cooler than humidified air, so you set your thermostat higher to reach the same comfort level. Therefore using access energy to heat your homes. Room units are small and portable, while whole-house humidifiers are permanently installed with your central heating and cooling system. We only install the whole house humidifiers.


After your whole-house humidifier has been installed on your forced air furnace system, you can set the humidity level and it's easy at that. Your whole-house humidifier operates with a hygrometer to measure the humidity level, and it automatically humidifies the air as your furnace warms it, distributing it to every room through your duct work.


Portable room humidifiers must be cleaned often to prevent mold and bacteria buildup. In contrast, a whole-house humidifier will need cleaning once or twice a year to remove white mineral deposits left by the evaporated water. Usually no other maintenance is necessary.

Health, Comfort and Operating Cost

The even humidity level maintained by a whole-house humidifier keeps the air you breathe healthier, no matter which room you are in. Allergy Reports show that dry air can exacerbate sinus problems and cause nose bleeds, and it can encourage the spread of some viruses that cause respiratory illness. Humidified air can help reduce snoring for some people, and it reduces chapped lips, dry throat and dry skin.

Humid air feels warmer than dry air at the same temperature. The humidified, heated air allows you to keep your thermostat set several degrees lower while you enjoy the same comfort level throughout your home. A lowered thermostat helps you save money on your heating bill.

Room humidifiers need expensive distilled water to operate at maximum efficiency. A whole-house humidifier is plumbed into your household water system, so you never need to purchase special water. It adds a few cents per month to your water bill.

Customer Testimonial

"Mr. Goodwin was very professional through the entire process: sales, installation, and demonstration. He even took the time to help me with my humidifier settings. I would recommend Revive Furnace Cleaning without hesitation."

Lien A.    Calgary,AB

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